WottCareers is an app
for tracking and managing
the recruitment process.
This recruitment software
suite is designed to deliver
engaging experiences for
both recruiters and job seekers.
The apps contain purpose built
AI Engine Psychometric Tools that assist
in the matching process..


Slick, Fresh, Flexible, Fun.

Recruitment Software

All you’ll ever need to build incredible teams that understand the values of your business.

Aligning the values of your company and the people in your business are essential for strategic development and progress.  When you all have a linked reason to go forward your business flows in ways that make your business agile and your leadership authentic and congruent.

Why us?

WottCareers is Multi-purpose Mobile Recruitment Software Suite made entirely for mobile users. The software is designed to deliver an engaging experience for recruiters and job seekers to track and manage the recruitment process

Professional Profile


Finding the right job or the right company is essential vocational pursuits that determine how successful you will be in life. Finding people that align with your values and have a sense of what you are capable of can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Until now!

This app helps you find people that can help you in your career where ever you are. Turn on the app and people in your area appear. You can begin networking with them straight away. You can also search for recruiters globally if you are visiting a place looking for a job.






Built by professionals, just for you.

Using leading academics and top technology entreprenures we brought togther a team of people that used of 50 years worth of research to build the tools and screening tests that can help you identify, track and manage the recruitment process.



There’s so much to love

A remarkably versatile mobile recruitment solution packed with features.

Find a Job

Our matching systems help you find the ideal job for you whist aligning your personal self culture to the company culture.  Ensuring you’re the right fit from the start

Take a Test

Our standard range of psychometric tests will help even the most discerning of recruiters find the idea match for their organisation.  Created in conjunction with leading academics in their fields these test are exclusive to WottCareers.

Network Friendly

So you found a job!  Congratulations.  Now you can use WottCareers for networking.  Click the button called Company at the bottom of the Peoples List to see who else is around.  People that are in your geographic fence will be closer and you can send an in app message to them and meet-up.

The Right Plan For You

WottCareers is your complete recruitment toolkit, built from the ground up
to be flexible, extendible and interactive. Check out our in-app purchases for more premium features.

Made for Mobile

Our systems are designed for mobile use exclusively. There are more people with smart phones than any other device. It makes sense to be mobile and always be able to network. Communication is key and our in-app messaging service allows any user to easily and quickly get a dialogue going.Easy cues help to alleviate the tension of a first time meetup and provide you with the icebreaker you need for everyone you encounter. If they dont have the app, you telling them about it just made you another great resource.

AI – Psychometrics

Finding the right candidates is one area of recruitment. Keeping them is a whole different strategy. By using our in built Psychometric tools recruiters can not only find the perfect fit. They will know if anyone is not congruent with the company values before they consider meeting. Our Artificial Intelligence Engine and personality matching algorithms save on screening and allows recruiters to filter the people likely to excel in the role.  Those candidates that are perfect based on their personality. The recruitment process is hard to manage and we even provide you with all you require to track and manage the process.  All directly from your mobile or tablet.

Global Networking

There is awalys room to reach out to new people, whether you are at an airport or on the train. At any given time you want to be able to do business. Time is money and people spend a lot of time commuting. You never know who you could possibly meet sitting at a coffee shop. WottCareers opens the door for meeting people anywhere and at any time. Without being intrusive. Open the app and if the person is a match for you in your geographic region you can immediately send them a message and start talking to them about possibilities that exist for you. WottCareers is more than a career tool, it’s a business networking tool.


AI – Applicant Tracking

Our systems are designed with a built in applicant tracking system so you never have to leave the app to know the status of a job.  You can match on the go. This is recruitment founded on the principles of Honesty, Clarity, Simplicity.


Meet people and recruit them on the spot.  Theres no better way to make a good first impression when people can see your Professional Profile matches you in real life.  You get the power of a combined behavioural interview with face to face networking all in an app.

WottCareers builds disruptive software that drives for results.

As a recruiter, matching and aligning people is part of the process.  Our Artificial Intelligence engines ensure matching roles with people can be done based on personality, culture values and leadership.

As a jobseeker, the value you get out of these apps extends further after you find your ideal role and start using the app for networking with like minded people to grow your network and ultimately your net worth.

Why Choose WottCareers?

Our systems are designed to be state of the art and bring together people at every opportunity.