About Us

Diversity and Diligence are our guiding principles.
Our approach is tailored and unique.

  • History

    WottCareers began with passion to find the most suitable candidates for dream projects by Co-founder Azhar Khan.  He designed the systems as a point of obligatory passage.  He wanted everyone to use the product just as they used a car or a computer.  But to do this he knew it would also take a group of symbiotically aligned individuals.  They would be the people developing and bringing together a sequence of complementatary products and services.

  • Approach

    These apps were designed to align with the values and predicates of recruiters and jobseekers. Matching people and companies based on values and agility.

    The team at WottCareers formulated to serve and fill a gap in the marketplace for recruiters and networkers that had not been supported by regular recruitment software applications.

    We all suffered the pain of finding the right talent for our businesses. We also travelled extensively and knew there was a better way to reach the right recruiter or candidate. The idea to develop the apps came from Co-founder Azhar Khan.   When he met the team at Dotin.us at an industry conference they decided to explore the idea together.

  • Culture

    The culture of WottCareers is predominately entrepreneurial.  We don’t attract workers who aren’t inspired by what they do.  Each one of us contributes to our skill level and are not afraid to say, I don’t know, lets discover it together.  We rely on each other to test our theories and do our best not to criticise each others work.  But will not settle for amateur results.   Put your hand up if you can deliver.  Or get out of the way of those wanting to do their best.

  • Method

    Our rational for creating these apps was to remove the barriers that prevent recruiters from aligning the people that match the values of the company with the candidates that match the role or objectives of the company.  By removing the bottlenecks in recruitment we aim to make things smoother and more transparent.

Paul Cohen
Paul Cohen

Cohen is an investor, property developer and foreign currency trader.

Azhar Khan

Khan conceptualised and built WottCareers from the ground up using his MBA to craft the intricacies around the business model and industry best practices.  with over 30 years of experience in the tech sector he developed the ideal way to efficiently and sustainably meet the demands of tracking and managing recruitment processes.

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